I had an easy day today WRT speaking Japanese.
First we met my friend Ariko for lunch at Asakusa. I didn’t have to use my Japanese except when I asked for a fresh pot of tea:

お茶おねがいします - (o cha o ne gai shi ma su) tea please

Ok, pretty easy sentence but they still got a chuckle out of that. Must be my terrible accent. :P We also tried a pretty yummy dish called:

おかまめし- rice dish in special pot

It’s not a particular recipe but the way that they make the dish. Would be a really good lunch if I could make it myself. :P

After that we visited the new Skytree in Tokyo.
It was quite fun but didn’t require me to use any Japanese as pretty much everyone spoke English.
I guess it’s not too surprising since Skytree is pretty heavy in tourists.

While there, we visited the Miyazaki store!! SOO FUN

I didn’t run into my first hiccup until later that night at the ballgame. I ordered a meal for the game and the server (in English as he could tell that I was wasn’t Japanese) responded that it would take 15mins. Right then, I realized that I had no idea how to say “I’ll wait”. So, after an awkward pause (yes, this is a theme this trip), I responded “I’ll wait” … in English.

So, here it is in case you run into this situation:

待ちます - (ma chi ma su) - I’ll wait
But actually the ‘better way’ to say it is:
だいじょぶ - (da i jiyo bu) - It’s ok (obviously very useful phrase)