Fun day! The day passed by pretty quickly and the night was very interesting!
It was my friend Ariko’s 24th birthday and I attended her party at a really cool bar in Tokyo!

A lot of her friends attended and almost NO ONE spoke English!
The more that I drank the less frightening the language barrier became.
Yes, the end of the night was more filled with google translate text vs actual talking but… it worked :P

So many phrases that night!
(sorry I’m not even going to bother trying to sort these more reasonably or explain why they were said during the night)

おんがく- music
いまもています – umm I don’t remember what this one means.. mo te i ma su means to have if you remember from earlier and i ma means now.. so maybe.. now I have?
すんでいる- live
たぬき- raccoon dog
あますぎるーtoo sweet
みんないいこーeveryone is good

To make up for the lack of trying to explain all of that… here’s her cute birthday cake!